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Come to Lincoln Rd during Make Music Day and enjoy live music throughout the road.

: June 21st, 5-10:30pm
WHERE: All throughout Lincoln Rd

Join Lincoln Road in celebrating Make Music Day on Wednesday, June 21 with live performances by various musicians as part of the #onLincoln series.


Launched in 1982, Make Music Day invites artists of all ages, skill levels and musical persuasions to come together and share their passion and talents with the world. Lincoln Road is committed to supporting the local arts community in order to bring people together and enliven the destination.


In addition to busker musicians performing throughout the iconic promenade, live music stages will be set up at Euclid Oval and the 1100 block, featuring rotating 25 to 30-minute sets throughout the evening. The Front Yard Theatre will be hosting the stage at 1111 Lincoln with hilarious intermissions between bands and will host our amazing program of local, original talent with humor and magic tricks!


Mustard Service will kick off festivities at the Euclid Oval Stage at 5:35pm, followed by The State Of and the Fin!Fan!Foom! who will conclude at 7:15pm. After a brief interactive intermission, music will restart at 8:15pm with Seafoam Walls, followed by The Velocity Gospel, Denudes and concluding with Peyote Coyote.


Lincoln Road’s second stage at 1111 will kick off at 5:00pm. The first act will be Ukelele, followed up Jim Wurster, Polarity9, Edan Archer, Alex Coldwell, The Fortune Tellers and Uncle Scotchy.  For more information, follow Lincoln Road on facebook, twitter and Instagram.


Euclid Circle Stage

5:35pm: Mustard Service

6:10pm: The State Of

6:45pm: Fin!Fan!Foom! (end at 7:10pm)

7:10-8:10pm (Interactive Intermission)

8:10pm: Seafoam Walls

8:45pm: The Velocity Gospel

9:20pm: Denudes

9:55pm: Peyote Coyote (end at 10:30pm)


1111 Stage

5;00pm: Ukelele Worshop

6:00pm: Jim Wurster

6:45pm: Alex Coldwell

7:35pm: Edan Archer

8:20pm: Polarity9

9:05pm: The Fortune Tellers

9:55pm: Uncle Scotchy (ends at 10:30pm)